Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back to fencing

Yet another busy day.  As well as sorting and moving the sheep we have been ear tagging and micro chipping and Carl has been fencing the back paddock.  Carl is feeling ill so fencing was a little slow going and he seemed to spend a lot of time in the bushes - I have my suspicions that he took a book in there with him!
I am trying to hurry him along as the paddock the house girls are in really needs a chance to rest and a bit of rolling.

I have been letting them in the orchard (it is just a bit of fenced off garden with 6 apple trees, a medlar and something else which could be a cherry tree but orchard sounds good) but I have to stay with them or they eat the trees.

The Poly Tunnel is coming on but so are the weeds!


  1. Even watching, letting those girls into the orchard...mmm! Ours would demolish the trees...they love apple tree leaves, oh roses as well but we won't talk about that!! Hope poor Carl is better soon least he finishes that book so that he can crack on with that fencing!

    1. You're right, Judi - it was like play ground duty in school - you needed eyes everywhere and even then I lost several clumps of apple leaves!