Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Monday continued

11am Raining, attempt to catch crazy Scottie cannot.  Wild Romney starts.  Try again to catch Scottie, jump from Mule wielding crook, forget about no brakes situation - mule starts rolling towards Angelina's fast asleep twins.  Dive back into mule and divert tragedy - get hit on head by wildly flapping windscreen wiper motor.
11.30am Raining, Super human powers kick in - mentally put on my wonder woman gear (in reality am wearing an all in one fluorescent water proof suit with reflective stripes).  Some how I catch hold of one of Scotties horns and I have her  - normal presentation but stuck fast.  To cut a traumatic tale short involving  the use of bailer twine as lambing ropes, I sadly delivered a huge dead lamb.  I nearly had him but he started to breathe before he was out and his chest was so large he didn't slide out quickly enough.  THEN  the Romney had delivered but it wasn't breathing despite me swinging it, a finger up the bottom got it going in the end and he was fine.

By this time I was mildly traumatised and it was still raining.

Then yesterday one of the slugs was hypothermic so he was rushed to mum's for warming and when I went back to collect him he was tottering round the garden.
Today I had one stuck monster Sam and Kristy got out whilst I had popped off to the shops and this evening it was lucky we were all there as I had a leg back stuck HUGE one with a normal size twin.  We got the positioning right but then he just would not come out.  All is well now but some are very big lambs and the bigger they are the harder they seem to be to get going, they just lie there.

Tomorrow I shall do photos, I hope!

Oh, and one ewe, who I am sure has not lambed, has a lamb with her and is feeding it!


  1. Look are far too busy to worry about hypothermic slugs...leave them some lettuce leaves and they'll be just fine fine!

  2. HOW DO YOU DO ALL OF THIS (and in the rain with a broken mule)???! :) Lisa