Monday, 7 April 2014

another day

6am Raining, all calm, Grace's lambs have bottles - more on her another day
6.30am Raining, realise 32 is not asleep but comatose, cannot find needle for Calciget to fit syringe
6.45am Raining, find needle, cannot warm calciget on vehicle heated as vehicle does not have heater - does not even have windscreen - boil kettle, inject.
7.15am Raining, ewe recovers, her lamb going hypothermic - obviously has not fed since yesterday evening.  Kick start, warm, bottle, grab mum, stick baby under
8.15am Raining, crazy Scottie starting
9.15am Raining, crawling around trying to get close enough to see if black Scottie presenting properly - she is, go to feed Grace's (the slugs)
10.30am Raining, no progress from Scottie

Got to go finish tomorrow, maybe!

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  1. At least we have some lovely sunshine today!