Saturday, 5 April 2014

What next?

This is going to be quick as  lambing is not going well at all.  I have had one lambing through a prolapse with the afterbirth coming before the lambs (truly).  I couldn't do it - Sam had to get out two monster lambs with ropes and his hands were blue by the time he did.  One huge thing with the spine coming first - a dog sitter I call it with all legs and head pointing backwards.  I couldn't do it - Carl did.  One ring womb which miraculously I did manage to gradually ease open but then I couldn't get the muddled up twins out - Sam and Kristy did.  Basically, I have lost all confidence that I can lamb anything now.  31 lambs and 19 ewes to go - I think.  And to end some pictures before I go and check the twins from Grace (ring womb)- Grace is not in a good way.
Reddybrek and her twins - The Thugs

PLEASE let me play with the lambs
Black Scottie's lamb
Probably best not to mention the Mule incident but I will - we are on steep slopes and the Mule does not have a handbrake so Carl has supplied  me with a block of wood to put behind the tyres.  This is difficult as on Friday I needed to catch Pugsly urgently due to head and one leg situation.  I thought the Mule was secure when I dived out of the Mule to rugby tackle her only to be lying on the ground with her and hearing a rushing sound behind me as the Mule gathered speed down the hill, crashed into the fence, broke the windscreen.  On top of everything else I am driving around with no windscreen and a windscreen wiper motor dangling precariously in front of my face.


  1. Oh Rosemary!! 31 lambs and 19 ewes to are just amazing! Don't lose confidence in yourself, you are doing a great job (and I can say with GREAT confidence that I couldn't do any of it)! I'm sorry to hear about the Mule, everything seems to happen at once and just when you're in the thick of it! Good luck with the rest of the lambs x Lisa :)

  2. Oh dear, fingers crossed for the next 19 being straight forward. Love the thugs!

  3. You do a fantastic job, don't lose confidence you do a great job, animals really an test you sometimes cant thy. First proper lamb here today!

  4. Love those thugs! (Just hunting back to find reference to the slugs in you latest blog...could it be these guys I wonder?!