Thursday, 1 May 2014

Trauma in the Garden

Raining - always seems to be raining with brief sunny bits.  Last year we were just getting ready for shearing at the weekend but this year we have cancelled this weekends jobs as the weather still looks difficult.  This is last year!

A calamitous day yesterday has led to me having to go around in far too many clothes.  In the morning (at least I think it was yesterday - it has all become a blur) I overtook the Gravedigger on his massive John Deere and went home thinking I had better get mine out and tackle the lawn but I put it off as Sam was around and I needed his help with some heavy lifting.  In the afternoon O cam home with hopes of tackling the weed situation but as I went up the garden I encountered a wriggly, long snake.  I am petrified of snakes so ran up to the greenhouse and shut myself in there so I could phone Sam to rescue me.  As I was doing this I realised the greenhouse was lovely and warm and might be home to lots of snakes so I dashed out and balanced on the water butt all the time trying to get hold of Sam.  Eventually I did and he came and took it away in a bucket but if there was one there will be more so I now have to wear big boots and a hat whatever the weather.  Carl has been away all week but the moment he gets back I have a snake hunt job for him.  I mowed the lawn so I can at least see what I am stepping on.

The garden is doing well but the weeds are growing even better and the slugs are out in force.  Due to the reptile situation I have not been able to do anything about it today but I did rush out and get a photo of two amazing bits of growth - The Apricot tree -

and now I have a difficult dilemma with this one - do I just quietly eat it or wait until Carl gets back and share it - or give it to Bert?!

Little Wee loves the Poly tunnel!

Over the field this afternoon I met the ranger who was checking footpaths as someone had complained a bit was blocked - I asked him about Bell hill still being closed and he was very helpful, ringing to find out what was happening.  I then discussed the snake situation with him and we decided the best think was for me to make noise as I walk up the path which is why I now have to stamp and sing.


  1. aah, so it's my singing that is the reason I've not seen a snake in the garden - nice one Rosemary!

  2. Oh dear, I can visualise you stamping singing, in your big boots and hat...whilst banging a drum! Enjoythevstrawberry no one will know it ever existed!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, you may remember we had a huge (well I thought it was huge) adder two years ago and thankfully I've never seen another.

  4. Give it to Bert!!!! Stamping does the trick with Tiger snakes here :) Lisa