Monday, 19 May 2014

Shearing - again!

A hard day shearing today - it is just too hot!

This afternoon we did Bert which I was worried about as she is the one with the leg problem.  Apart from the fact that she spat and shrieked all the way through it was fine but she looks pretty ropey!  We only used the ropes on one leg at the back - not the bad leg and we didn't use the bag on her neck.  I held her head and we just did the best we could - avoiding too much movement and being very careful at the back.

I wore my Horner Shearing vest which I have had for a while, I think someone gave it to me, and both Carl and Sam think I look ridiculous.  Apparently only thin people or muscley people should wear them but it was cool and stretchy.  I must find a full legth mirror from the shed and see if I really look as bad as they say!

I wrote the above yesterday but was so tired I had to go to bed before I finished!

I didn't take much in the way of photos as I was running round in ever decreasing circles with my broom and toe nail clippers but managed a couple of shots when Sam and Kristy took over - Sam is getting to be quite a good little shearer and Kristy is very good at getting the leg ropes on and clearing - she nearly tried shearing one but we didn't quite get round to it.  She can do sheep so will probably be good.  Carl is disappointed with his new Horner Zopper clippers and reverted to the Lister ones.  The Horner ones gave up, rattled and stopped and they had only done about 30 alpacas since he got them ready for this years shearing.  I must get in touch with Horner as that can't be right.

Bianca, Sam's alpaca

Trouble, dirty already, with dear little Rascal scratching

Ropey, but gorgeous, old Bert
Once sheared we could see that Cassie had a completely straight neck - no kink left at all following her hay rack incident.  Rascal looks so sweet and little but I didn't manage a good photo of her.  It never ceases to amaze me how little and delicate they look after shearing.  All of ours we sheared yesterday were very good - even the first time being sheared ones - with the exception of Bert who, as usual, cried and spat throughout.  Despite that, she managed her after shearing strawberry without a problem!


  1. Good work Rosemary! After shearing they are little wisps aren't they? and they 'change' so much , I can understand how their pals don't recognize them.

  2. Great to hear that Cassie now has a straight neck! How I wish ours were sheared...we have to wait until 10th June this year and they're sooo hot! Every year our shearer seems to get busier hence later!