Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Lay In

I am embarrassed to admit that I was late getting up this morning and when I took my coffee down to check the alpacas I had to do a double take as the ducks had arrived!



They have used their pond, an old bath, but have not been in their house yet.  Carl made it from a packing case and it has a very nifty door which turns into a ramp for them to walk up.  I did want him to make it with a back that folds down but he went for the easy option and the lid lifts up.

The reason I was late up was that I was tired!  Carl has been away all week and Sam has been gallivanting so I wore myself out a bit.  I did take the opportunity to switch to the summer quilt but Carl spotted that before we even made it into bed.  he insisted on having the winter one on top on his side and then woke up sweating.  I have told him this is not a Premier Inn, there are no spare blankets in the cupboard and I don't do breakfast  (not that good a wife, Barbara!).

We then spent a fair bit of the day doing feet and injections.  Trouble has decided she wants to sit up like a dog for her feet to be done.  She is not struggling, not bothered, just sitting there!

Bert has had a nasty flare up of her eyes again so she has had an antihistamine and cream on her eyes which she really enjoys.  This photo gives me the opportunity for you to see hair cut mark 2 - it is an improvement on version 1 believe it or not!


  1. Love the ducks, what have you called them? Poor Bert, hope her eye is better soon (and there is nothing wrong with your haircut!). :) Lisa

  2. We too have the duvet dilemma...he likes the thick one ...I prefer the lighter it's me who makes the bed...he's no chance...but he does moan, ( a lot!), when the Summer duvet goes on!!

    I agree with Lisa, your hair looks great!