Friday, 2 May 2014

A chat with a man with a spade

Not as wet today as I thought it might be so a chance to get a few photos.
Bill about to jump on Ben

A very sprightly old Prue
Some of the girls enjoying their new paddock

And here is Little Wee - venturing out of her Poly Tunnel!

We once had a big black cat called Big Baby when we lived on the hill but he ran away and went to live in my Aunt's barn in the village.  Now we are in the village I often see him walk past and he seems to like Cruella - our other cat.  He is his own man though and does not want me to stroke him, he may resent me calling him Big Baby and prefers his new name, Barney!

On the way to the shops in Blandford I was held up by road surfacing by the Delcombe wood turn off which was the ideal opportunity for me to corner a man with a spade and a high vis jacket (they are the ones that are really in touch with what is going on).  After a little conversation on his walkie talkie with the man in charge I am now fully up to date on the Bell Hill road closure saga.  It will be done Wednesday and Thursday next week and this is from a man with an enormous machine so I feel I can rely on him - we will see!

And we shared the strawberry - one third for me, one third for Carl and one third for Bert!

And - Duck house finished, straw obtained, Ducks arriving in the morning!


  1. What a lovely wife you are...if I hadn't eaten the strawberry I might have halved it with Bert...but thirds...that is true love!

  2. OOhhhh, can't wait to see the photos of the ducks! :) Lisa