Monday, 26 May 2014


We have been doing things - despite no blog!

We have been busy with shearing but rain did stop play a bit on Saturday - luckily we had an extra day this weekend to catch up.  I am also getting knitting ready and am on my least favourite job of sewing in ends which is why I have escaped upstairs to write a blog.

Still got a few of ours to shear but not sure when they will get done  and it is raining again now which is going to play havoc with this week's shearing jobs.  Carl, Sam and Kristy have all been in Devon shearing today so I have been in charge here - I am not even in proper phone contact so not sure whether tea is required when they get back.  I have a new phone, a Blackberry and I love it!  Within two minutes in the field I had set up my email so it pings onto my phone which I think is so cool.  It no longer does that and it doesn't make calls or have a signal anywhere but the man in India I spoke to assured me this is normal and nothing to worry about.  I did feel a tad disappointed but refrained from telling him that phones that will not make phone calls may be the norm in foreign lands but I really felt it should be more than a fashion statement.  However, he seemed so concerned that I have a nice day that I did not want to disappoint him and am learning to relove my Blackberry despite it being useful for little except to be a sort of silent, illuminated companion.  I have been told to keep turning it off and on again until it springs into life which reminds me of the Head of IT in a school I used to work in.

Ah well!  Here are Dobby and Caedmon - my very first alpacas - two wethers, old boys now, and completely lovely!

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