Thursday, 15 May 2014

Not again!

Can't believe it!  Another  snake in the garden!  This time I know it was really a slow worm but it was outside the back door with the two cats looking at it and it scared me to death.  I put my boots on and jumped around swearing and shrieking - which did not make it disappear as I had hoped.  I then thought - if it disappears I won't know where it is and that will be worse so I threw the mop bucket on it and stood guard with the mop whilst phoning mother.  It escaped and came towards me whilst I did a sort of hornpipe dance whilst flourishing my mop - this continued until mother arrived, picked it up and went off with it.  I am now having the vapours!

Shearing did not go to plan and we only managed nine.  We ended up helping the friend move until getting on for 2 in the morning the night before and then I managed, somehow, to shred my car tyre whilst trying to get out the drive in the morning.  Luckily, the trusty car had a spare tyre which Carl said is not always the case nowadays - how ridiculous!  Once we did get around to shearing it went fine but we were not as on the ball as we should have been.

So - from this -

To this -
You may notice Dobby, the black, isn't sheared as we were on white boys first.  He is now as we managed to get black boys done afterwards.  None of the white youngest boys are done though - tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Love the before and after shearing those diet photos in magazines!! :) Lisa