Thursday, 8 May 2014

Escape artists

The ducks keep escaping!  I have put them back five times today and I think they are lining up for another escape as I type.  They are, however, easy to get back in - "Ducky, Ducky, Ducky" and they all waddle over in a line and follow back into their pen.  They also go in their house at night now but have to be herded in - and I have just discovered that they do not like pasta!

I have been helping a friend pack up ready for a move up north and somehow Sam managed to buy a tractor whilst my back was turned.  I was cross with him as I told him it was yet another thing to park up and even crosser when he asked if he could park it in the poly tunnel.  However, having seen it - and despite the fact that I still will not let him park it in the poly tunnel - it is quite compact!

Lambs are doing well despite a desire to chew through the earth wire on the electric fence.  This is the culprit!
Stumpy still looks pregnant - she is rather large to put it politely!
And here is friendly Scottie with hers.
Now we are busily studying weather reports as thoughts are turning to shearing.  Carl has everything ready but has to prepare very quietly in his shed as a pair of swallows have moved in.


  1. Are you sure your not over cooking the pasta.....
    Remember it must be al dente..And, not to hot
    with the sauce....! :>).

    1. Good to hear from you Willie!
      Yes, the pasta was overcooked - which was why we didn't eat it all!!