Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Westhill Robin and Radish woes

Today had gloriously sunny moments but the alpacas still look very bedraggled and I just could not show a picture of them - so here is the Westhill Robin instead.  She has made a nest and is remarkably unconcerned about what I am doing.

We failed in getting the alpacas back at the weekend.  By the time we returned from our husbandry visits it was just too late.  All the fencing is done though and so I am hoping for a big move at the weekend.

I have made a serious error with my planting in the polytunnel.  With gay abandon I planted rows of radishes - 1000 of them and they are growing with vigour.  It was only last night I started to consider what I could do with quite so many radishes - and so early in the year.  Lovely to have a couple of radishes with a salad but 1000 of them?  And what else can you do with a radish?  Sandwiches?


  1. Maybe alpacas like radishes?...might be a bit windy below though!

  2. Funny...I was just going to post exactly what Barbara suggests except I wouldn't worry about the wind...I think it's passed now!!