Thursday, 6 March 2014

It ain't heavy - it's a parsnip seed

Not quite as sunny today and the mud coupled with lack of grass in the fields is a bit of a downer.  Everyone looks at me so wistfully I feel I should be able to magic up something better.  I did sacrifice an entire bag of grapes which got everyone very excited.  Problem is some of them are very dainty, like Emily and take ages sniffing before they actually eat one whilst others, like Bianca, just shovel them in at a rate of knots so it is not a very fair process.

This afternoon I managed to find all the knitting and have started to resort it and am trying to create a bit of organisation alongside a revised list of knitting needed.  I did find a pile that still needs finishing and washing but have left that until we get a sunny day.

Going up the cut was interesting just now.  I backed down for a tractor and trailer (who did not even acknowledge me which makes me very annoyed)  only to find on continuing up that he had knocked one of the branches off the bank and it was lying across the road.  I had a tanker behind me and a van coming in the other direction in front so jumped out waving cheerily and calling out that I just needed to move the branch - only to find it was almost a tree!  It took all three of us to move it before we could shuffle ourselves around and be on our way.

And I was very annoyed in my polytunnel earlier as an army of ants appear to be making off with my parsnip seeds, no wonder they are not growing and everything else is.  However, I am pleased to say there are a variety of things you can  do with a radish, including roasting them.  What a treat Carl has in store!

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