Sunday, 9 March 2014


Gorgeous weather today and such a change from all the rain.  We had a bit of a move round with the animals on the hill first thing and should have then continued with putting up the stock fence in second field but Carl and Sam had to go off and do some fencing for someone else so I came back and had a bit of a photo shoot with the alpacas.  It is so nice to just be able to wander out with a coffee, pop back for the camera which I forgot, pop back for a biscuit - thoroughly relaxing.
Glorious Gloria was intrigued by all the coming and going and everyone is fascinated by all the new sights.  They are spending a lot of time just staring at things.
The move of the animals went very well and was accomplished in three trips.  I had been concerned it might be a bit nightmarish as none of the cria have travelled before and most of the mums have not been in a stock trailer for years.  Bert's last trip was for her operation but a handful of grapes and she was tempted in.  We changed our minds at the last moment about who was coming and decided to take all Mums with their cria plus Bert - weaning delayed again !

Thank you for asking, Judi - Bert travelled very well and has settled perfectly.  I am able to pop up and water her with the watering can which she loves and which is why she looks damp on a sunny day!  As you can see she is not right yet and may never walk properly again but she is a happy (if grumpy) girl.
Now I hope for the weather to continue as lambing may start at the end of the week and, if I get time, my seat is ready under the apple tree facing the alpacas!


  1. How lovely to be able to sit under the apple tree and watch your alpacas .... just bliss, Im usually on a bucket somewhere in the field !! .....good luck with the lambing and great to see some sunshine for a change ... Jayne

  2. Gorgeous paddocks...I'm glad the move went well and Bert's recovery has come along fine :) Lisa