Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Preparing for lambs

Fencing virtually all day today.  Finally the whole of second field is stock fenced which means I have been able to take down the electric.  After the lamb got caught in the electric last year I did  not want lambs born anywhere near electric fencing.  The sheep all waited relatively patiently in the  top bit of second.
Now they have fresh grass and can, hopefully, get on with having their lambs - shouldn't be long now.  I also have the most exciting development to tell you about in my  Mule Saga.  The Mule has not been able to cope with the mud and ha been out of action for months which has been hard work with all the water and hay carrying.  However, I now have a new field vehicle which had it's first outing this evening - CD player, air conditioning, adjustable wing mirrors, hay carrying rack - more on this tomorrow when I have a photo.
I have done the deal with the Shepherd and a trio of ducks awaits the building of the duck house which Carl is doing right now.
Sam wore himself out!

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