Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fat sheep and over excited alpacas

We definitely have no lambs - but we do, definitely, have big sheep!
Big, bald sheep in Pugsley's case!
As nothing was happening (not really supposed to until Friday but you never know)  I went down to the library van to stock up on reading material and then went home to check the alpacas who were in a very funny mood.
Everyone but Bert was charging at high speed round the paddock.  I think Cassie was going to the toilet.

Later Sam and Kristy arrived and did a bit of halter training.  This will be much easier when we have constructed a holding pen - not that Trouble needs a holding pen to catch her!

Tyjke and Wonky are far more interested in playing together -
And Glorious Gloria just likes to pose!
Tonight I have to concentrate on a bit of knitting  as I have a black scarf which has been on the go for weeks and still is not finished.  The Flower lady has knitted a pair of gloves and two scarves since I started this scarf and this afternoon she came round with a beautiful multi coloured beret.

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  1. I too have some very fat sheep and mine aren't due for over a week yet. I also have a lovely coloured Shetland (Whose fleece I had plans for!) going bald so I'm wandering round the field collecting it!!