Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lots happening

It has been a busy day today with odd weather - hot one moment and bitterly cold the next.  I had to scrape the ice off the car this morning when I went to check the sheep (no lambs).  When the sun came out Bert went to lie in the shade with Tyke, her constant companion (he is the Black one - the other is either Bill or Ben but I can't always tell them apart!)

The Shepherd came this morning and collected the pig ark so Carl has to get a move on with Duck house construction.  Today he didn't have time as Tractor Boy brought his rotavator over so Carl could finish the big vegetable bed.  I had got as far as I could but it was taking forever and everything is growing like crazy.  All ready now for the first things to go in - depending on the weather.
All the activity made the alpacas very excitable.
All is doing well in the greenhouse - even the sack of rubbish seems to be growing!
The Polytunnel is growing potatoes and I didn 't even plant them!
That is not more sacks of rubbish at the back of the picture - it is the weed suppressor mat which needs folding up properly.
The radishes are coming along rather too well - I pulled one out and it is quite big so radish recipes begin soon.
Most exciting, however, are the strawberries
and finally, an update on Cassie - you can barely see the kink in her neck.


  1. Gosh, that's a beautifully tilled vegetable plot, Rosemary, and not exactly on the small side…..!
    Good to see that Cassie is OK.
    Hoping that Carl's achey bits are responding to treatment.

  2. Great to see Cassie looking less wonky and Bert seems well too. You look to have a lot of work to do with the veggie patch but soon you'll be enjoying all that home grown produce...makes it all worthwhile!

  3. Lovely to see Bert chilling how sweet of a Tyke to take care of her.