Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hang on little lad!

A busy day today.  I was up early to check the sheep and alpacas and couldn't miss a big bunch of flowers left for me by Sam.  Thank you Sam!  No more lambs in the field and the little black one still didn't look too good.  I gave him a feed and then we had to rush off to do an alpaca husbandry visit.  One of the girls there is walking very stiffly on her back  legs, we gave her some vitamins and checked her feet - to me it seems like a bit of a strain - we'll have to keep an eye on that one.  Sam checked the sheep again  before we got back and little black lamb was still hanging on but going downhill.  His Mum snuggles up to him but he is very weak.
I spent the afternoon with him while Carl went home to try to finish the Duck house - pictures of that  coming soon!  Then he came back to the field and spent an  hour sitting with Mum and lamb trying to get lamb drinking properly.  We milked out some of Mum's and fed that to him as well, she is very good.

The Romney Rebels are very lively and jump around all over the place - no worries about them!
It is a good job my mother comes from a farming background because I didn't get to visit her and say Happy Mother's Day until early evening and then it was a flying visit and I forgot the card and present!

I had to race home  as we needed to give Zara her drench.  I have been battling with Zara's nose for ages.  She is a black alpaca and keeps getting a bald nose.  I have tried lots of things and some things work for a while but then it goes bald again.  It is not scabby or sore or anything - just bald.  The new thing we are trying is a drench of selenium, zinc and other things - I don't know whether it will have any effect but time will tell.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! I hope the little black lamb pulls through ok. Those twins look very healthy. Fingers crossed that Zara's new drench will help her nose :)Lisa