Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cold little lamb

Sorry for the lack of photos but I have been struggling a bit today. A tiny little Black Welsh Mountain lamb was hypothermic this morning and I struggled to warm him up.  He was so limp and lifeless, I thought I had lost him but after what seemed forever he stopped shaking and his temperature went up.  Mum was very good and stayed near , (Just as an aside - there appears to be no semi colon on this tablet I am typing on), when I put the lamb on the ground wrapped up in my jumper, she came and lay beside him with her head resting on his - would have made a lovely photo that.  In the end I had to stomach tube him as, as good as mum was, I couldn't manage to hold her and latch him on - he was too weak to stand.  Plus, I was getting crosser and crosser with Carl as he had gone to help the Gamekeeper with some pheasant pens and was late back - but I coped.  I saw the Shepherd up on the opposite  hill and he obviously wondered what I was up to rolling around trying to hold onto the ewe and latch the lamb on - he phoned to check all was well.

It has been a sheep day as on the way home I passed the Grave digger waving his milk bottles at me.

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