Friday, 28 February 2014


Quite sunny this morning and the alpacas looked a lot happier - it soon turned to rain though.  After cleaning the church with mother I spent a good while walking up and down the new house paddock checking for anything poisonous or dangerous.  I did find a pile of old staples and a few lords and ladies so dealt with them.

The paddock has a pig ark in it at the moment which was used a good while ago for some chickens.  The Shepherd did look at it a bit sorrowfully when he came round and said it used to be his and so I am going to try to do a deal with him and see if I can swap back his pig ark for a couple of ducklings.  You can see the pig ark in the photo which is up behind the 'orchard'.  The orchard has two apple trees and a meddler waiting to go in - hopefully at the weekend if we get time.  It is going to be a busy weekend as Carl is out with the Tractor boys chain sawing something or other over Woolland way.  Then Sunday we are off to do our Alpaca husbandry visit - toe nails and cydectin.  I hope we can then move some alpacas - providing Carl has had time to finish the fencing.
I also managed to clean the greenhouse as my gardening notebook says I should have done it by now.  I wasn't quite sure to what extent I needed to clean it but as it was raining I just washed the glass and forgo the Windolene for now.
I also did a bit more in the poly tunnel and have put the fish, blood and bone meal around the apricot tree (I think the dog ate some of it).

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  1. Wow looks like there will lots of growing going on down there!