Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Time to get the recipe books out

That was my pointing finger, Judi!  I also have a cleaning out alpaca nail finger which is long, a broken nail which used to be the foot cleaning nail and the right hand is relatively short in preparation for lambing!

This morning Sam and Kristie helped with moving the sheep and checking a couple of dodgy feet.  Poor Grace had a stick stuck between her nail and pad which explains why she was limping.  When I got home the Flower Lady arrived with some lovely knitting she had completed..  She was on her way to visit the Grave Digger who was creating some sort of funeral Pyre down the lane but I insisted she came in the polytunnel first!  After that Sam spent his time fitting his new snorkel to his truck.

My cooker has arrived and Carl is attempting to connect it up now.  I am really pleased with it - no idea how it will cook but it looks lovely.  I got it from Marsh's in Stur and it was £10 cheaper than anywhere else plus as we went and collected it there was no delivery.  In the photo it looks like it is fatter at the top, which it isn't!

I regret to say that I appear to have killed the cucumber seed that was growing.

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