Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bye for now (possibly)

This may be my last blog for a week as complete chaos reigns here and I need to get a grip.

We managed to vitamin D the cria whilst dodging hail stones.  I am using only paste this year as I am worried about injecting with wet fleece - I do not need another abscess.  It was then a return to packing which is very dispiriting as we keep running out of boxes and Carl and I both have a totally different approach to it.  Carl likes to clear an area, set up newspaper, tape gun, pen and have a stack of carefully chosen items by him.  I prefer to dash around throwing various items, chosen on the basis of whether they will fit in the box, in the approximate direction of my chosen box.  It is not going well.


  1. It'll all feel worth it when you're in that lovely new house! Main thing is to keep your cool...don't fall out over what goes in boxes! Good luck with the move, look forward to hearing how it all went!

  2. Good luck Rosemary! It will all be worth it :) Lisa