Monday, 24 February 2014

Hard at work

Progress on the house paddock was good until Carl discovered the hinges he had will not fit the gate.  He is off back up the hill looking for ones that will fit right now.

I have told him he has to get a move on as then there is back paddock and weaning has to start soon!  Back paddock needs a bit more work on the woods side and Sam is the one we need or that as he is magic with the monkey and can bash posts in, on his own, at a rate of knots.  Hopefully, I can tempt him in to doing a bit of that on Wednesday - although I do also need help with moving the sheep so we will have to see how busy he is.
Cassie is doing well and I am sure she is gradually straightening up.  Her walking is much better and the wonky neck does not seem to be causing her any problems.
And - great excitement in the greenhouse this afternoon as one cucumber seed is growing.  It is definitely a cucumber seed and not a bit of twig as I dug it up to check.
I have managed to dig over another bed today but it was a small one - I am putting off tackling the monster bed!

Good news!  Lorry unloading a mini (well quite a big one, actually) digger at the bottom of Bell hill - I think they may be looking at the hole!

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  1. Rosemary...are those truly nails that reflect the life of a farmer??! How ever do you manage it?