Friday, 21 February 2014

Here she is! Here she isn't!

Here she is!  Cassie' neck is much better than yesterday, thank goodness.

. . .except there is no photo!  I still am not properly on the internet - maybe tomorrow.

I really have to get the other computer sorted now as I can't use the photos from the camera and mobile ones are not the same.  We are trying to sort out the paddock for the girls so they can come by the house and then I will not be so worried about them. I have managed to dig a bit of the poly tunnel, sort out some of the strawberry bed and put some seeds in the green house.  The Shepherd came round earlier and I am sure he looked askance at my wobbly lines.

The house is gradually getting straight but not everything will fit in and the hoover has totally disappeared.

Thank you for asking about Bert, Judi, she is doing well - despite the weather.  She runs better than she walks but seems quite happy.

I hope I will have photos tomorrow.

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