Monday, 3 February 2014

Spoilt alpaca

A busy few  days with a husbandry visit on Sunday - one I really enjoy as they are such lovely alpacas with only one big spitter.  He is a big boy who does not try to get away when he is held, picks his feet up fine, is generally lovely - but he spits like a fountain!  We reorganised our alpacas a bit and put Trouble and her daughter Rascal in with Bert - that's Granny, daughter and granddaughter in together!  Rascal is very sweet with her Granny and they spend a lot of time sitting together.  Bert is being spoilt with ruinous quantities of best grapes, little piles of fresh top quality hay, little handfuls of freshly picked grass and general mollycoddling.
Today, despite the wind and cold, it hasn't rained yet so everyone is looking much happier.

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