Friday, 31 January 2014


Filthy weather today - and that is not the only place where there was filth today - someone has defecated in the church!  I am not talking churchyard here - I am talking by the organ!  And what has happened to the Bible on the lectern does not bear mentioning.  Our day for church cleaning but the organist had already cleared the mess (human) and bagged it up to show the constabulary (another thing that does not bear thinking about!)  Mother marched up armed with a large tin of air freshener, we didn't take the dog as we feared he might get a little over excited by the unusual aromas.

Back to the weather now and that if frightful with rain and strong winds.  I was worried about Bert this morning as she keeps having neck wrestling matches with Bianca over food and she is not really strong enough to hold her own.  This morning I separated them and Bertie was very upset - all shaky and humming.  When I left her she was tucked up with extra hay and had calmed down a bit.  She has just got to hang on a bit longer and then . . . she can come and live by the new house!!  I really can't believe it but we have now exchanged and it seems impossible but finally, after years of searching and thinking we would never do it, it seems we are lucky enough to have a house with room for some animals.  Everyone can't come back as there isn't that much room but some can!  This is a little preview, sorry the pictures are a bit tiny, of back paddock - actually you can't really see it but just imagine it with alpacas!

 And here is the house!
I could get a bit boring over the next few days about this house, sorry.  There is one big worry and that is Carl's driving license.  He has an HGV license as well as the normal one and had to send it away to renew - we forgot we would need it for him to hire a van to move us and it hasn't returned yet!


  1. Congratulations and phew! A lovely new home...wishing you lots of happiness.

  2. The new house looks great so....forget the mud and rain, it'll soon be Spring and you'll soon be unpacking those boxes and settling everyone in! Hope Bert is OK.

  3. Oh dear! Whatever has been going on at your church?? Congratulations on the new house, it looks lovely :) Lisa