Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bit of a Mule Calamity

Chilly but not bad weather, I worked up quite a sweat doing the hay so was down to a T-shirt for about half an hour (combined with wooly hat, of course).  Hay has been taking a long time due to the Mule's inability to go in a straight line or to turn corners without three or four attempts.  Yesterday it had finally had enough and, despite me steering in a straight line (I was driving towards where the camera is in the photo), it turned round 90 degrees and ended up wedged between the bowser and the fence.

Carl has a plan to put the front end of the old Fiesta on it and apparently it will be okay if I keep it in 5th gear (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean as the Mule does not have gears - just forward and back).

However, in the mean  time, Carl has provided me with a new field vehicle - second hand actually but you can't have everything - I shall thank him in an appropriate manner when he gets home tonight.

Bert is still limpy but she seems quite happy.  I make sure she has a little pile of hay near her if she sits down and she never seems to end up left on her own.  For some reason she seems quite popular with everyone.


  1. So you are the new mule then? It does rather make a change to see us united in our mud troubles ...in fact I might have to concede that you have it worse than us up north!

  2. Hmmmm....your new field vehicle is missing a cab...still I suppose a sou'wester will do!