Thursday, 16 January 2014

Doing a jig

I have been waiting for a dry day before I blogged, in order to get some nice fluffy alpaca shots - it is not going to happen any time soon!  You think it is about to stop and then down it comes again; I wonder if the earth is getting heavier?  When I get wet I get heavier and movement slows; maybe the earth is rotating at a more leisurely pace?  Coming up past Woolland this afternoon I saw a very spry elderly lady dressed immaculately in pleated skirt, wellingtons, headscarf and an enormous smile - dancing around in puddles, she knew how to enjoy herself!

As to the alpacas, they are wet!  Bert is doing okay but a bit of sun and dry weather with less mud would be good for her.
And the driest cria?  One of my favourites, Tyke, wearing the contents of the hay rack.


  1. Great news about Bert...lets hope she soon gets the sun on her back...think next weeks looking better!

  2. Nice one Rosemary, made us chuckle!

  3. Glad to hear Bert is doing well. I have a black one who collects all the hay as well, I think the black ones are all the same ! Jayne