Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Wonderland

Well, perhaps not!  I am having a bit of a problem again with my Blogger so this blog may not contain photos - sorry!
Some of the girls do not do rain and if the shelter is full they charge into whatever cover is available and will not get out of my way, meaning I am having to mountaineer across alpacas as well as negotiating implements and climbing hay stacks.

No flooding on the hill but lots of water making everything muddy and slippery - my thoughts are with all those poor souls who have been flooded.  The road at the bottom of Bell Hill appears to be cracking up and sinking but, apart from that, we are fine so far.

We have been busy this week with an evening trip out to move some boys, one with a leg injury.  We made it through the floods to Milbourne St Andrew only to find the road just before the Dorchester turn off was closed.  We did eventually make it and moved five alpacas past a raging mill stream to shelter.

Bert is gradually recovering and can now run very fast when food is around.  In fact she can run far better than she can walk.  This morning I opened the vets bill with great trepidation but I am very pleased to see it was extremely reasonable.  I forgot to get a picture of her so here is Cassie and Wonky instead.

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  1. Try and stay dry !! if it is at all possible... we are remarkably quite dry compared to some !! Good news about Bert and the bill ....Jayne