Thursday, 23 January 2014

News flashes

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned Exchanging!  More delays mean nothing is happening this week - how on earth can it take this long!

It is now cold here but there is occasional brightness - more rain due tomorrow.  The Shepherd was busy fencing down the cut, taking advantage of the weather.  We had a trip down to Landrover man's last night as he needed to borrow the SAMI back as his yard scrapper has temporarily expired.  I was up extra early this morning as I had to take Sam to work because his Truck has gone for repairs - his windows don't open and his prop shaft needs replacing.  He is not a happy bunny without his Truck.

The Gamekeeper has lost his black Lab up on the hill somewhere so I went round checking the sheep field but couldn't find him.

The hole on the hill is still there and growing.  I visited the Aunt today and she said it happened before when my Uncle was alive and it was a spring that collapsed the road, it took ages to get it repaired then.  Even Landrover Man almost got stuck today and that means it must be very bad.  Valtra Man got the tractor through yesterday but I am not sure he will today!

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