Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bert and Yohav

Bert has now had her stitches out and the wound has healed really well - however!  On Boxing Day I thought Bert clicked, it was only once and I wasn't sure whether I had really heard it.  Over the next few days it became obvious that something still was not right and onYohav's return it was confirmed.  The dislocation is sorted but there is now something wrong with her knee bit - stiffle joint. What appears to be happening is that when she is at rest it is okay and then as she puts any strain on it, it clicks out of place.  It then slips back in as she rests.  She can use it to scratch, can roll in both directions and eat like a horse - she just has a weird clicking leg.  How it has happened, I don't know - there wasn't a problem with it when she had her operation because they checked.
Currently, we are managing things with pain killers but she seems fine in herself although she is very wary of the mud and will not go through it to get to the barn, even when food is on offer.  She screeched when Yohav examined her but only in a Bert way,not in a pain way - and she only dribbled spit, no full blown stuff. Amazingly, she can still run!

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