Friday, 3 January 2014


I really find it hard to believe, but today Sam is nineteen!  Don't think he would fit in the dog basket anymore!  When he was little he liked to pretend he was a dog and curl up in the dog basket (strangely, we didn't have a dog at that point in time so I am not sure why we had a dog basket in the lounge).

We are off to a farm sale later provided we can get the animals sorted out in time.  That is taking longer than usual due to mud.  . .  And I am still puzzling over the Dolly Parton cassette on the church windowsill when I went to do the cleaning!

p.s. something wrong with my blogger clock as it says it is Friday but it isn't - it's Saturday!

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  1. Dolly Parton...a wedding tune?..."I will always love you"...just a thought..I've noticed your blog posting times have been 'odd' for a long time, but who am I to say? is it your computer clock?