Monday, 27 January 2014

Just waiting around

Getting cold here - but still wet.  There were whispers of a little snow on the way but that has come to nothing despite the Red Barn getting very overexcited about it!  I have had a frustrating day, so far, waiting for a call from the solicitor and taking my mind of things by writing a rather unexciting blog.  Sunday, despite heavy rain, we managed to get half the alpaca feet done and half the vitamin D.  Everyone except Lina the Screamer was reasonably behaved despite us all slipping and sliding in the mud.  I can't work out how to do Bert's feet as she normally kushes and we do it while she is lying down but I really don't want to be pulling her leg around.  She is doing well and can get around at quite a pace despite the limp.  I haven't heard any clicking from anywhere on her for a few days now so things are looking up.  This morning there was a bit of ditch clearing/fencing/staring at the ground happening at the Cross but other that that all is quiet.  Hope it is not the lull before the storm!  This is this time last year -

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