Sunday, 19 January 2014

Teeny, weeny photos

We have been dashing around since the last blog with a final push today to get two herds of alpacas foot trimmed, given Vitamin D and generally checked over.  This year seems to me to be one where extra vitamin D is called for.  A cria at the herd we went to this morning had been decidedly under the weather last time we saw her, just before New Year and so we gave her extra vitamin D and today she was running round and looking great.  It may not have been the extra vitamin  D that did it but I think it helped.  We are trying to catch up with everything as I think the next couple of weeks may be very busy as it is just possible (and I am very wary of saying this as things tend to all go wrong when I say anything) we could be exchanging contracts on the house sale next week.  Fingers crossed.

As we were out all day Sam and Kristy did the checking and feeding of our animals - and they also took photos, on their phones so they have come out a little small but you can see that it was not raining and the sun had come out!

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  1. We too have been keeping the cria levels of vitamin D well topped up...this weather has been tough on the weanlings.

    Fingers crossed!