Saturday, 14 December 2013


Windy drizzly weather here and Bert's walking has deteriorated a bit.  She still looks happy and makes it to the food but she now looks a bit lopsided.  Oddly, the click seems to have gone and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.  We are now just hanging on until Monday.  A huge thank you to the Mighty Patou warrior for the help offer, if Bert has to go anywhere on Monday we will be okay as Carl is around - we must just wait and see.

And talking of Carl, he went to get the Christmas Tree last night.  I anticipate around £20, he spent £35 but that was okay.  I should have had suspicions raised though when he said he would leave it outside to 'rest' until this afternoon.  It is now in and it is tiny - and still lopsided despite a very long 'rest'.

The sheep eyes are all better with the exception of Angelina who had a bit more ointment this morning.  Hopefully, that will clear by tomorrow.

Sam is now putting up a bit more stock fencing before he goes back to work this evening.  That will mean I can move the sheep next week - which they are in need of.

And, things to do when immobilised:
  • Learn to love Lego
  • Untangle the ball of wool the cat attacked
  • Search ebay for bargains - do not actually purchase said bargains
  • Dream up money making ideas
  • Search family tree in hope of finding famous ancestor
  • Make plans for next years mating plans
  • Surprise wife with well thought out online food order for Christmas (maybe not)
  • Have a shave


  1. I hope Bert's surgery goes well tomorrow...will be thinking of you both!
    LOL, ebay bargains!!!! :D Lisa

  2. Why do Christmas trees do that...look great in the garden centre...then look drunk by the time they arrive home!