Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Operation

It is now 8.15pm and finally we are back - Bert as well!

The photos in this post may not be what you want to see but I thought it was interesting.

Getting Bert in the trailer proved fairly easy the first time - she limped after me but then I bought String in as well to be a friend and much spitting ensued with String trying to leap out.  As I had got ready an hour too early, thinking there would be problems as Bert has not been in a trailer since she came here.   I then let them back out into a little pen at the back of the trailer and when I went to get them in a second time Bert was not so keen.  Anyway we managed and were towed down to Friars Moor vets just in time.  String was so good the whole time and was very interested in everything going on - Bert screeched even while she was being weighed at the start.  Once she was asleep she went up on the table - note String watching from behind.
The vet then manipulated her leg and at one point we were also questioning some sort of fracture.  The clicking was quite apparent and after a bit of that they decided to 'go in'.
String was very interested in the machinery.

Once an incision had been made the vet felt all round inside with the leg being manipulated - and there was no dislocation, in fact nothing out of place or fractured or anything.
So what had happened?  Well, it could have been that it went back in when it was manipulated, apparently, I think, where they are so relaxed that can happen.  The ligaments surrounding seem fine and the socket thing (which does have a proper name) is good.  She could get arthritis at some point and it will take a while to recover but looking good - - - and then she would not wake up.

After a long time we were just locating something which I think was some sort of anti opiate, an antidote if you accidentally shoot yourself with an elephant tranquilizer, when Bert coughed and burped and held her head up.

We brought her and String straight back, she still has the shunt thing in her neck just in case and I am typing quickly as I have to go and check her again.  She is shaking but is with us.  More news tomorrow.


  1. Glad it went well, hope she makes a steady recovery.

  2. No sure who was the bravest there, no great to watch, but glad it is all over safely.

  3. Well done all round, all the best for a full recovery!

  4. So pleased to read that Bert got through her operation. It is great to share the photos as they are very informative! Great that the vet was ok having String along as well! Here's hoping that Bert continues to do well and that she'll soon be pronking round the paddock again!

  5. Amazing pictures Rosmary thanks for sharing. It is great to see that they allowed String into theatre. Brought a tear to my eye seeing String watching over her friend. Hope that Bert recovers quickly!