Friday, 27 December 2013

Carl's vibrating Razor

It has been a wild few days weather wise and the wind is still pretty strong here - in fact the garden fence is hanging on by a thread.

We had an interesting Christmas the highlights being -
  • Carl's vibrating razor (he wanted an ordinary razor for when he wants a wet shave.  I felt a packet of Bic Razors might not be what he meant so bought something in a proper packet which seemed to look more substantial.  When he opened it we found it had a battery with it and it vibrates at various degrees of strength - he is rather afraid to use it)
  • I had a most brilliant tablet (I couldn't turn it on so had to wait for Sam to return to sort it out.  It is now quite amazing as you can talk to it and it does things.  I think you can also watch programmes on it but I am not sure if that costs money so must again wait for Sam's return to get help)
  •  Amber pulled her dew claw half out and couldn't open her present
  • Sam had various things for his Truck and has spent most of his time lying under it doing something with a bit of water pipe as the things he had did not include a snorkel -
  • A phone call from Major Thomas
Bert is a bit of a concern still as her walking seems to be getting worse and all the mud is not helping.

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