Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Puddle Bashing

What a wild night!  Stourton Caundle was flooded - the pub had to open the back door to let the water out.  Strangely, Hammoon didn't appear to be last night but Henstridge was and Marnhull couldn't be reached in the night.  You couldn't get up Waterloo Lane - - and the side gate to the house almost came off.  The animals survived but the field shelters did not.  The boys field shelter, which is massive and very heavy, had tipped over and moved bringing the fence down so the boys had a grand time leaping round in the rest field next to the girls.  The girls' field shelter had walked sideways 12 foot but luckily they had all stayed in the barn for the night.  Hay racks were tipped over but no trees down.  We spent the morning putting all that right and then met up with another drain clearing lady at Woolland who told us the river at Stur had flooded the road and it was impossible to get into Stur, obviously, we decided to have a go!  Gas problem on Glue Hill so lots of vans and barriers up and abandoned cars into Stur but the Road Closed barriers had been moved aside and we got through.  This was essential as I was after a Coop Jewelled Roll (they had sold out) but Stur was virtually deserted apart from the crowds on the way in watching the floods or trying to rescue their cars, most had sensibly left their windows open.


Now all that Puddle Bashing has meant the Christmas Schedule has all gone to pot.
The trifle bowl is empty
The stuffing is not made
The table is not laid
Father Christmas has not stuffed his stockings
Mince pies are no where in site
Ice cubes, which should have been made (with sprigs of mint this year), are not done
Sausage and bacon rolls (on the list for 10am) are not done
Hoovering not done
I could go on but it would probably be better to just get on with it - I may not reach 'Paint my nails' this year!



  1. Dear Rosemary, Carl and Sam,
    We wish you all a merry Christmas, and we thank you for sharing your entertaining diary with us!
    GHN and PGK

  2. Oh dear...same here, we're out this evening so I'll be making the stuffing in the morning...still, it'll get my hands clean after I've mucked out the hangar!!!

    I haven't time to blog, just catch up on recent ones as we have visitors. Have a lovely Christmas and hope your trees stay up...ours haven't...4 more down, 3 from our neighbouring farmer fell directly onto the new paddock fencing...again!

  3. WOW !! what a night !! Glad you have all survived, albeit with some wind damage ....(the shelters/not you !!!) Nice to read the Christmas Spirit is still high.... Hope you manage to have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year .... Jayne