Friday, 20 December 2013

Stormy weather

Very stormy out there tonight and hopefully everyone is tucked up in their field shelters or the barn.  Bert adored her strawberries doctored with pain killer so there is no problem getting that down her.  She is still looking sorry for herself but is eating well.  There was no chance of a photo by the time I thought of it this afternoon.

And I have failed a bit this year on the Westhill Christmas card front I am afraid.  I was hanging on hoping for a combined Christmas card/Moving card but due to the on/off/delay situation I left it too late.  I did resort to ordinary cards and started well but then Bert got in the way and so only half the list has got any sort of card at all!  I will just have to ask people to kindly imagine they have had a card and try to visualise me on their mantelpiece or on top of the fridge or wherever they put their cards (obviously I don't mean imagine me on your fridge - it's the card you have to envisage)  Of course if you were in the first batch there is no need for method acting out your joy at receiving a bit of Westhill Cheer.

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