Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Thank you very much for your best wishes for Bert - I have passed them on to her but she was more interested in food!

Sam offered to go and check her at midnight and she did get up but she was very shaky.  This morning she was trembling all over but recovered after a bit of food and lots more hay.  Yohav and assistant came at 9 to remove the little shunt thing from her neck (you need a special pair of scissors to do that).  She now has a rather natty bit of vet wrap round her neck to hold an antiseptic pad in place and looks quite dashing.  She can stand up and limp about a bit, not much but there is no clicking and she can put weight on her leg now.  Tomorrow she starts on more antibiotics and some pain killers in powder form which, apparently, taste  bitter so I am going to make little doctored strawberry parcels out of it.  I shall also have to have some undoctored strawberries and remember which is which or Caroline, Cassie and Lina are also going to end up on pain killers!

The weather here is atrocious and I have made a run from the field into the barn where Bert is so everyone can join  her if they want.  Every single one of the Mums and cria have and I now have 27 alpacas squashed into a space about 12 foot by 18 foot.  Everyone is eating hay and showing no interest in venturing back out.  I have to get Carl to go and move a few dodgy posts, ladders and things out of the way later as Flem was half way up the ladder eating hay of the stack, Islay was balancing on some fence posts and Trouble has hidden herself behind a large box - I had been mumbling away to myself down there putting out hay for everyone when I suddenly said,  "Now listen everyone . . " and they all, everyone of them, lifted their heads and looked at me, words do not show how funny that looked!


  1. Good to hear of progress. I checked our females and cria just now, and there were 11 in an 8ft by 16ft shelter all squeezed up! it is rough out side.

  2. Good news regarding Bert, lets hope things continue well. Sounds like the alpacas are tucked up nice and snug ..... Jayne