Thursday, 12 December 2013

Surgery cancelled/postponed

Bert was going to have surgery tomorrow and I was struggling to find a way to get her there.  I have never towed anything and struggle enough backing up the poo picker - it has a tendency to go in a different direction to the one I planned and usually ends up jack knifed.  The best I could come up with was either Sam or Carl taking us at 5 in the morning before they go to work and me and Bert sitting outside the vets until the appointment at 11 am.  I figured that as long as I took plenty of fruit with me we should be okay.  However, after further consultation we have all decided the surgery would not be the best option and so it is not happening - at least not on Friday.  It is complicated and involves two vets so I wasn't much looking forward to it.  Bert does not run about now when food makes an appearance like she used to but she is hobbling around and, strangely, she can still put some weight on the leg and she can lift it to scratch herself.  She still seems happy and perky, eating well, - just slower and you can hear her coming rather like Captain Hook.  We have another consultation and then we can make some more decisions.

Carl had to go to bed early last night with a headache due to the fact that he was asked to write ONE Christmas card.  I am completely behind and have written none, have no tree up and have not bought the presents.  Well, I bought one for Sam which was delivered next door, Sam went round to pick it up and now knows what he is getting as it wasn't wrapped!

And if a certain suave, and faintly piratical, gentleman is reading this from his hospital bed - get well soon!


  1. Don't worry about the tree, plenty of time for that but do the cards this weekend or you'll end up paying for first class stamps! Get comfy, have a glass of wine, put on a Christmas CD...surprising what memories come back as you write the cards...good times with special friends etc!

    Most importantly...good luck with Bert.

  2. Could there be an option of an animal chiropracter, just thinking and typing out loud, Im sure you are exploring all the options.... good luck with Bert I hope things will be ok ...what a difficult decision .... Jayne

  3. Good luck with surgery, you will probably recall our dislocation went to surgery, sadly we made the wrong decision that day. Feel for you, it's a hard one to make, best wishes with it, hope it all ends well for you.