Sunday, 22 December 2013

Batman and Robin visit the Penguin

A busy wet and windy couple of days here but today the sun actually made an appearance for a while.

Yesterday, mother came to tea, having managed to escape from the woodshed.  She had gone in to get logs and the door slammed shut, ever resourceful she smashed her way out with a mallet.  I did a joint of beef which well (and I had a visitor to buy a scarf in the middle of it all) except one catastrophe which no one but Carl seemed to notice (and it was his fault).  Lovely pan of beef juices ready for making gravy, Carl balanced the pan of roast potatoes on it and the weight was all too much - dish shattered and gravy cascaded all over the cooker.

Bert continues to slowly recover.  She does not go very far and needs a rest every so often or she gets shaky.  I expect you can see which one she is!

Carl and I were just thinking tonight how we would shear her.  I don't think she can be stretched anymore so we will have to try doing it whilst she is standing.

This afternoon was a trip to help The Penguin with a bit of foot trimming - that went smoothly as Carl was just doing the holding and there was great efficiency from the wielder of the clippers.  I just stood around making friends with a lovely black girl.

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