Monday, 23 December 2013

Stormy times

It's wild out there!

The cat flap is blowing inwards and confusing Cruella who keeps getting bashed on the nose.
The lights are flashing.
Sam is pulling a mate in a micra (or maybe it's a punto) out of somewhere.
Police or fire engines or something have been roaring past.
The alpacas are piled in the barn.
Black baby (the lamb) got blown down the hill.
Went to check new house is not flooding and road was blocked by a fir tree which had created a flood.
Tractor boys Mum was manfully digging out ditches in a roaring gale and lashing wind.
Post Mistress had to hang onto a tree  to save being blown up the Grave diggers steps in the manor of Mary Poppins.

I think we'll go to bed now!

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