Saturday, 28 December 2013

A notebook by the fire

I seem to keep blogging without photos, sorry will take camera to field tomorrow!  Busy day today and I wasn't going to blog but I am trying out blogging by thefire on the notebook.  Going well but the noise when I type is quite loud so I will have to attempt turning volume down, in fact it is getting louder,ahh - I am hitting the volume key with the space bar whenever I make a space!

That's better!  Today it was off to the herd we look after to move their field shelter, a great deal easier then moving our shelters as this was on big steel skids and all well braced.  I.  did the towing and Carl jumped around brandishing a metal bar and shouting  leafy hand down a bit which means nothing to me.
Arrived home to find Sam and friend making yet more adjustments to Sam's truck and then raced over to Mole Valley for more feed.  I am trying micronised peas again to add to the alpaca pellets and I also got some shredded sugar beet (usually they have soaked pellets). I am trying to feed up Bert a bit and Bianca is also looking a little on the thin side.

I really don't know about Bert, today she did look a bit better again and she was moving around more,  yesterday she looked a bit sad and seemed a bit wobbly.  Yohav will be back soon for her stitches so I shall see what he says.

Good chat with The Shepherd when he came by this evening in his tractor on his way to feed hispigs - he lost  a chicken coop to the wind and the chickens refuse to go in the other houses, preferring to roost in the RU Bible of their old house.

I have predictive text here so I hope this all makes sense
- prooof reading is not my forte, I used to have brilliant secretarial staff for that!

Photos tomorrow!

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