Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First cria!

I thought I was not having any this year - but I am!

Flem has just had a lovely little girl!  As usual Flem was a brilliant mother and very keen for me to go and see her baby.  She did not mind at all when I sprayed it and put it under her to check baby had her first drink.  She, no name yet, is a vey placid little thing and perfectly happy to have her photo taken.  I had to get right up close as I am not sure how to work the zoom on the phone camera and still have not got batteries for the ordinary camera.

So here she is!

Courgette glut?!

Yes, big mistake to plant 12 courgette plants but I have now developed a courgette recipe which is delicious.  Take two or three courgettes - or even more - and slice them thinly lengthwise.  Fry in butter.  Line a dish and then layer them with tomato paste splodges, cheese, bits of onion (fried a bit), anything else you want to use up - boiled potato, carrots, broad beans, peas . . . A touch of fresh basil is also nice.  Top with cheese and bake at around 180 for a bit - say half an hour or so.
Even better with home made bread!


  1. Oh, she's beautiful, Rosemary!
    The courgette recipe sounds good, too.