Monday, 21 July 2014

Senior moments

Oh dear - I am getting it all wrong at the moment - I can only ask about the political situation in Spanish - not Italian - as Carl reminded me when he read the blog, and I don't think my apricot tree is an apricot tree after all!  I was sure that was what the gentleman said when we bought the house but they don't look like apricots, they look like peaches to me.  I think they are nearly ripe and apricots are yellow.  I have tasted one that fell of the tree and, despite it not being quite ripe it was delicious but I think it was a peach.  I am going to have to pick a few and distribute them to get further opinions on whether I am growing peaches, apricots or something else!

The orchard is looking sadly overgrown but there are apples and pears coming.  The cherries have all been eaten and the medlars have disappeared - serious work needs to happen there once we have caught up with everything else.

Good news is that String looks definitely pregnant and is starting to take herself away from the others - not too long now I don't think.
Poor alpacas have bags of 'stuff' lurking in their paddock but it is on it's way out!
And - thank you for the fly advice, Debbie, they are still around but now under control!

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  1. Yes Rosemary they are peaches! Dont let the alpacas taste them...our peach tree is in the girls current paddock and they get every one as it ripens! They have worked out how to shake them off the branch...cheeeky girls!