Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Che tempo è glorioso! Dovrebbe essere fare il fieno, ma Sabato non sembra buono, quindi aspetterà un po 'che penso.

Just brushing up on my Italian - no not really, I used Google translate.  I can really only say "What do you think of the social and political situation in Italy today?"  Which has never been a very useful phrase for me!  Oh . . and, "Mi fa cagare!" but I am never sure how appropriate that might be! 

We are on our second home grown cauliflower tonight, we have been eating rather an exceptional quantity of vegetables lately . . .with inevitable consequences.

As usual, with the hot weather, the flies are out in force and attacking the cria eyes so tomorrow I must get something to try to deter them.  I used Crovect last year with a little success but I shall look to see what else might work.

I think Carl was checking eyes yesterday - can't think what else he was playing at crawling round the feild!
Lambs are growing well - they do not seem to be as troubled by the flies.
I tried to get a nice photo of Black Scottie but she gets too close and just looks daft!


  1. We had one cria born last week that the flies took a fancy to, one of her eyes was very sore. I've always found Crovect good, but have used ectofly this year (cheaper) which has also done the trick. Just a dab on her had and one on her back and not a fly in sight!

  2. Troppo cetriolo? Fare la marmellata!

  3. Marmellata di cetriolo, molto emozionante - stavo solo per decapare li!

  4. Aah, decapare - molto buona.

  5. It just sounds so romantic - and we are only discussing cucumber pickle!