Saturday, 26 July 2014

Poetic Feelings

Many thanks to the Poets of Ibberton for writing my blog for me!

I'm finding this heat a bit much
The sun's got a sizzling touch
I'm not feeling stroppy
Just terribly floppy
So no time for blogging as such.


  1. Well, that seems to have rendered everybody speechless.

    Except me:

    Alpacas are a comic sight
    When the sun is shining bright,
    They don bikinis, hats and shades
    And then as summer sunshine fades
    They light a barbie by the pool
    And sip iced lager, keeping cool.

  2. Alpacas sometimes wish that they lay eggs,
    As the magenta placenta swings between their legs.

  3. What an image that conjures up!