Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bringing it all up to date

So, to catch up.  Since the last time we have made hay - 460 small bales which was more than we expected as we used half of second field which had the sheep on it until May.  It is lovely hay and could be the best to date.

Carl was ill - no pictures of that!

I bought the alpacas paddling pools.  I had my doubts about them and thought they would be punctured within the first day - but no, they are still standing (3 for £10 in Argos).  Flem is the only one who gets right in.  Trouble likes to splash everyone else sitting round the edge.  The two cria jump it!  And here is a photo of them ignoring the paddling pool - it's like the Pandas on the KitKat advert, a minute before Flem was doing breast stroke, Trouble was tap dancing and the cria were diving!

All vehicle passes etc for Ellingham Show finally got in the post today - all seems to be under control although still waiting for a few rosettes to come - plenty of first place ones just the third, fourth and fifth looking a bit low!

I found a wonderful lady who spins and visited her to take her some brown to be spun for a special project.

I suffered a serious nail breakage which may sound a minor problem but my nails had reached critically long stage (all chopped down now) and when I lifted a water barrel it slipped and snapped my nail right down on the nail bed.  I can't cut the nail off as it will be very painful so I have stuck it back on and plastered it up until it grows enough to cut it off.

We did two husbandry visits and then, while mother was having a check up at the hospital, I went shopping - not a good idea as I bought a pair of shoes.  I was supposed to be buying a pair of field shoes but these were beautiful and I haven't bought new shoes for years.

I also bought a new handbag but I haven't told Carl that - it is bright red so, like the shoes, will not go with anything else I own!

And, sadly, two of the three ducks have gone missing.  They were the two who escaped most and now the one left behind is very sad.  I have to get another ducky friend for her.


  1. Had Internet problems so just catching up! Love those shoes! You can be extra glam now when poo clearing! Hope thelittle duck soon has company again.