Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lazing around

What have we been doing since the last blog?

Well - we bid sad goodbyes to Dobby and Caedmon who went to their new home, end of an era that.  We delivered six lambs to their new home and six assorted older sheep to their new home - I was fond of them so that was also a bit sad (but I have crept round to check up on them and they are doing well!).  We have slotted in two alpaca  husbandry visits.  I have made Gooseberry jam and blackcurrant jam and that is very good - mother is doing the strawberry jam when her new kitchen is installed (strawberry is a bit more tricky).  I am dealing with a broad ben mountain and a severe glut of beetroot and this weird and remarkable thing called vegetable spaghetti.  Knitting has notched up a gear as we are getting low on stock.  The cria are both doing well and we are trying to get ready for hay making in amongst it all.

Yesterday I had to do a lot of walking as my car appeared to be broken morning.  However, when Carl got back it seemed to have fixed itself.

Hay is next and I was saying to Carl I don't know how we are going to get it all done as the barn still needs clearing, all the fleece is not yet sorted and all the machinery needs servicing.  Unfortunately, Carl then caught me with his mobile phone camera when he came home and has decided that I spend most of my time sitting around with Bert and the other home girls and that is why we cannot catch up!

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